All About Dolphins

by Yuxin Zheng

Photo by Jess Vide on

Hi my name is Yuxin from class 3-2, today I’m going to teach you facts about dolphins. First, let start with facts about the Orca, Orca’s are also known as killer whales because orcas work in groups for hunting and preying on large whale species. Orca’s can be found in every ocean but they are most abundant in colder waters like Antarctica. The most well-studied killer whale populations occur in the eastern North Pacific Ocean. A female Orca can live 29 years and a male Orca can live 17 years. Orca’s eat fish and squid, sea birds and even whale species far bigger than themselves but the good thing is they don’t eat humans. Now I’m going to teach you some facts about regular dolphins. Dolphins are gentle and playful creatures, they are also very smart. Most dolphins live in ocean’s near the equator but some live in cooler seas. Dolphins make up all kinds of games like playing catch by tossing seaweed into the air and then trying to catch it. Dolphins live in small groups called pods. Dolphins stay in pods and are in charge of watching for sharks or other predators. Some pods join together to form schools.

Dolphins use squeaks, squeal, and whistles to talk to each other which show you how smart they are.

Photo by Guillaume Hankenne on
Photo by Dianne Maddox on

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