Five Non-fiction Ocean Animals

by Sauhardha Kunwar

My name is Sauhardha Kunwar. I study in class Remote 302. I am going to write about five non-fiction ocean animals facts. Most kids love animals and want to know facts about the animal Kingdom. Here is some information on some interesting animals I researched.

Stonefish are really poisonous because they need to protect themselves from other predators.

Dolphins use half of their brains and have one eye open to look out for predators.

Photo by HAMID ELBAZ on

Octopus have three hearts one of them is blue.

Photo by Pia on

When sharks teeth falls out they can grow their teeth back fast.

Photo by Gary Rose on

Spider crabs can’t hurt people because they live deep in the depth of the ocean.

Photo by Pixabay on

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