Save the Turtles

by Anny Chen

There are many steps people can take to save turtles. People can stop throwing garbage in the ocean or sea or rivers or lakes. Saving turtles is very important to society because turtles can help our environment. Turtles keep seagrass beds and coral reefs healthy which is an important habitat for other marine life, and that helps to supply marine food. Many times turtle eggs are buried under sand and people do not realize they are there and crush them. Sometimes people take sea turtles baby eggs from the beach thinking that it’s no big deal but we need to keep the eggs on the beach so that they can keep the coral reefs healthy. Throwing trash in the ocean or sea hurts the turtles because sometimes the turtles eat the trash and die. A healthy sea environment is important for a healthy earth.

Photo by Maria Isabella Bernotti on

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