All About Jaguars

by Ema Thotsa     

Photo by Yigithan Bal on

Jaguars live in rainforests. Jaguars also use caves as dens. Jaguars weigh up to 260 pounds. Jaguars are great swimmers. They paddle with their big wide paws. Jaguars have territories in the rain.They scratch trees to scare other animals away. Jaguar cubs weigh less than 2 pounds. Their mother protects the baby cubs. The baby cubs grow up fast. After 1 month the cubs weigh 7 pounds!

Jaguar cubs live with their mother for 2 years. They drink milk for 6 months. The milk comes from the jaguar. Later she brings meat to eat. She teaches them how to hunt. Jaguar hunt fish and turtles. Sharp teeth help the, bite through turtle shells. On land they hunt capybaras. Good eyesight helps them see prey at night. Jaguars love in Mexico and South America. Most cats live in the Amazon rainforest.

There you have it folks.The facts about Jaguars.

I hope you liked it.



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