by Christie Zhao

  • Saolas are large mammals
  • They eat fig leaves and other plant materials (seeds, fruit and berries) and they can be found mostly in riverbanks.
  • Saolas have long horns it is about 20 inches long 
  • Saolas are similar to an antelope
  • Saolas are only found in the Annamite mountains of Vietnam and Laos
  • Saolas body colors are chestnut brown, and reddish-brown coat to keep them warm in the winter 
  • Saolas weight are 176 to 220 pounds in weight
  • Saola stands about 35 inches at the shoulder 
  • Saolas can reach 59 to 77 inches in length
  • Saolas was only discovered in 1992 and since then has only been photographed three times in the wild
  • They are known as the “Asian” Unicorns’. These are facts about Saolas
  • I hope you will like these facts 

Published by jwattersdelahunt

I am an educator at PS 229 in Woodside, Queens. I am currently teaching the third grade remote class while also a doctoral candidate at Molloy College writing my dissertation on perceptions of school quality in terms of teaching and pedagogy, family engagement and leadership in a successful diverse school district on Long Island. The frameworks I am using for my study include: Community Cultural Wealth, Critical Race Theory, Culturally Responsive Leadership and Schneider’s 5 Categories of School Quality. I aim to create a more inclusive definition of school quality which include stakeholders in diverse school districts as part of the conversation.

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