by Student B

What is your favorite hobby? Are you trying to find a new hobby? Here is some information about some hobbies. Knitting is fun and relaxing and so is playing an instrument, and painting. My favorite hobby is drawing. Another hobby is cooking. A hobby is an activity that you do on your free time. Other types of hobbies are sports.

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com
Photo by Charles on Pexels.com

To find the right hobby you enjoy you have to try different hobbies out. A messy hobby is crafting you can make a lot of things out of bottles toys and shirts. At the beginning it might be messy but you will get better at your hobby and there will be less mess. . Science is another hobby. What you choose is great you can even have more than one hobby at once. One hobby that almost every kid likes is playing with their pet if they have one. I like playing with animals. Do you like playing with animals? Have fun if you do. Cooking is also a tasty and yummy hobby. All these hobbies are interesting and fun. I love all these hobbies. If you think you want to try a hobby here are some suggestions : I hope you have fun with knitting, playing, cooking, crafting, and painting. Have fun. There are tons of hobbies to choose from some with animals, cooking, crafting, knitting, painting and more. One way to find a hobby is asking questions like what do I like? Good luck finding your hobby!

Published by jwattersdelahunt

I am an educator at PS 229 in Woodside, Queens. I am currently teaching the third grade remote class while also a doctoral candidate at Molloy College writing my dissertation on perceptions of school quality in terms of teaching and pedagogy, family engagement and leadership in a successful diverse school district on Long Island. The frameworks I am using for my study include: Community Cultural Wealth, Critical Race Theory, Culturally Responsive Leadership and Schneider’s 5 Categories of School Quality. I aim to create a more inclusive definition of school quality which include stakeholders in diverse school districts as part of the conversation.

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