How to Ride a Bike

by Alejandro Monge

First, tell an adult to watch you just in case you get hurt then put your bike against the wall.  Then, peddle backwards if your bike doesn’t have that feature tell the adult to grab your bike then you get on and peddle. Ask the adult helping you to let you go but make sure to learn how  to use your breaks just in case of an emergency and you need to stop.  Make sure an adult is right next to you when learning to go down hill. It is very important to get a bike that will last you a long time that has  working breaks. Don’t forget to buy a pump for your bike and a helmet because it is very important to wear a helmet every time you ride your bike. You can also get knee pads to soften the fall. I learned with no knee pads and a tall bike so it was harder for me to learn to ride a bike but at least I learned to ride a bike. Good luck! I hope my tips help you learn how to ride a bike.  See you next time!

Photo by Tarikul Raana on

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