Interview with Mr. Berger Principal of PS 229

by Jessie Rao

Have you wondered what it like being a principal? Well now you’re going to know. I conducted a zoom interview with our principal Mr. Berger asked him a few questions like “What’s your favorite part of being a principal?” he said “My favorite part of being a principal is helping students and communicating with students.” Another question I asked him was “Was it difficult for you as a principal when the school had to close last year” he said “Yes ,it was very difficult and it continues to be very difficult because, I don’t get to interact with all the students every day like I used to. It is also hard for fully remote students who are used to being in school every day. We know that learning from home in front of a computer is very different from learning in person with a teacher in front of you so it has been very difficult for many students and children to learn at home because they miss being in school.” I also asked Mr. Berger what words of encouragement he has for the students at PS 229. Mr. Berger replied, ” I tell everybody we can absolutely learn remotely, every student can become the best students each student can be with the situation we have now and in the future. We will be together all in the same room soon and move forward and will catch up anything we might have missed because we have the best students in the district and in the city. I know each student has the ability to move forward academically and accomplish great things with their education despite the current situation.

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