There are many hobbies around the world, one hobby that takes for you to be patient is painting, one that is fun is making things like bags, and clothes. What is your favorite hobby? My favorite hobby is art, I like art because it is fun and at the end it also looks colorful to me and nice. Another hobby is playing an instrument. Do you like to do that? Music relaxes you. What is your favorite insrtument, there is guitar, piano, violin, chelo and many more. If you like animals you might want to watch animals, for example you can watch episodes or movies that teach you about your animal, that is one hobby. Maybe you tried all these hobbies and still can’t find one that you like, well if that is happpening to you keep looking because there are many hobbies not just the ones I menstioned. Another hobby is knitting you might not know how to knit, but you can learn, it is acutually easy and relaxing, you also have to take your time on knitting. Maybe you like to be with your pet, if you do have fun. Maybe you like to draw for that you also need to be patient. You can choose any hobby you want all hobbies are fun.

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