Interview with Mr. Berger Principal of PS 229

by Jessie Rao

Have you wondered what it like being a principal? Well now you’re going to know. I conducted a zoom interview with our principal Mr. Berger asked him a few questions like “What’s your favorite part of being a principal?” he said “My favorite part of being a principal is helping students and communicating with students.” Another question I asked him was “Was it difficult for you as a principal when the school had to close last year” he said “Yes ,it was very difficult and it continues to be very difficult because, I don’t get to interact with all the students every day like I used to. It is also hard for fully remote students who are used to being in school every day. We know that learning from home in front of a computer is very different from learning in person with a teacher in front of you so it has been very difficult for many students and children to learn at home because they miss being in school.” I also asked Mr. Berger what words of encouragement he has for the students at PS 229. Mr. Berger replied, ” I tell everybody we can absolutely learn remotely, every student can become the best students each student can be with the situation we have now and in the future. We will be together all in the same room soon and move forward and will catch up anything we might have missed because we have the best students in the district and in the city. I know each student has the ability to move forward academically and accomplish great things with their education despite the current situation.

How to Ride a Bike

by Alejandro Monge

First, tell an adult to watch you just in case you get hurt then put your bike against the wall.  Then, peddle backwards if your bike doesn’t have that feature tell the adult to grab your bike then you get on and peddle. Ask the adult helping you to let you go but make sure to learn how  to use your breaks just in case of an emergency and you need to stop.  Make sure an adult is right next to you when learning to go down hill. It is very important to get a bike that will last you a long time that has  working breaks. Don’t forget to buy a pump for your bike and a helmet because it is very important to wear a helmet every time you ride your bike. You can also get knee pads to soften the fall. I learned with no knee pads and a tall bike so it was harder for me to learn to ride a bike but at least I learned to ride a bike. Good luck! I hope my tips help you learn how to ride a bike.  See you next time!

Photo by Tarikul Raana on Pexels.com


by Student B

What is your favorite hobby? Are you trying to find a new hobby? Here is some information about some hobbies. Knitting is fun and relaxing and so is playing an instrument, and painting. My favorite hobby is drawing. Another hobby is cooking. A hobby is an activity that you do on your free time. Other types of hobbies are sports.

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com
Photo by Charles on Pexels.com

To find the right hobby you enjoy you have to try different hobbies out. A messy hobby is crafting you can make a lot of things out of bottles toys and shirts. At the beginning it might be messy but you will get better at your hobby and there will be less mess. . Science is another hobby. What you choose is great you can even have more than one hobby at once. One hobby that almost every kid likes is playing with their pet if they have one. I like playing with animals. Do you like playing with animals? Have fun if you do. Cooking is also a tasty and yummy hobby. All these hobbies are interesting and fun. I love all these hobbies. If you think you want to try a hobby here are some suggestions : I hope you have fun with knitting, playing, cooking, crafting, and painting. Have fun. There are tons of hobbies to choose from some with animals, cooking, crafting, knitting, painting and more. One way to find a hobby is asking questions like what do I like? Good luck finding your hobby!

Magic Trick: The Vanishing Coin

by Christopher Banegas

For this trick you will need the following:

  • silk napkin
  • coin
  • 2 pieces of paper
  • scissor
  • glue
  • glass (clear cup)

First draw a circle using open side of the glass. Cut the circle on the paper. Glue the paper circle onto the open side of the glass. To do the magic trick place a white paper on a table, place a coin on top of the paper and the glass upside down next to it. Cover the glass with the silk napkin and say “Abra Cadabra” transfer the glass to the coin. Lift up the silk napkin and the coin has disappeared.

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All About Covid-19

by Joseph Rodriguez

The covid 19 is a virus that can make you very sick. Kids may worry about the covid 19.

Adults try to explain to kids about the covid 19. Covid 19 is a short name for coronavirus. Doctors and health experts are working hard to help people stay healthy.                          

Kids can’t go to school because the school can give them the disease. Many people in the world have died because of the Covid 19 

The symptoms of Covid 19 are fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty of breathing,fatigue, muscle or body aches,headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose,nausea,or vomiting diarrhea. There are many ways to prevent the way of getting the covid 19. 1.) wear a mask 2.) put on gloves 3.) stay six feet away from people.4.) put hand sanitizer on. 5.) do not touch other people that you don’t know 6.) wash your hands 7.) do not touch your face 8.) stay home when you are sick 9.) do not go close to sick people 10.) Cover your nose and mouth when you cough and sneeze.

People have not been following the rules; millions of people have died all over the world. Some people have followed the rules and they haven’t gotten the disease. People must follow the rules or else everybody will get sick and that will be bad. So they are making a Covid shot so people don’t get sick. I hope people get the shot so we can end the Covid 19.

How to Make a DIY Mask

by Elly Chen

Masks are very popular right now due to the pandemic. I want to show you how to make a DIY mask that will be useful and used every day and comfortable instead of the regular uncomfortable blue masks. You will need fabric, glue/tape ,scissors and string. Then after you finish the easy 4 steps you can feel free to decorate to express yourself.

  1. Get Fabric and cut it into a rectangle
  2. Get a string and cut the string into two strings and then connect the strings from left side to the right side
  3. Get glue and glue the string to the fabric
  4. Decorate your DIY mask 
  5. Now Enjoy your own DIY mask and wear it wherever you go to stay safe and healthy!!
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com


by Student A

Bulldogs are self-sufficient and determined, making them a lot more independent than others dogs. This confidence allows them to figure things out without looking at their owners for guidance, the way other breeds might. Bull baiting was a popular sport in the United Kingdom from 1206 up until it was banned in 1835. Bulldogs, which had been bred for the violent sport, would creep low to the ground and attempt to bite the bull’s (or bear’s, or horse’s) nose. These tenacious dogs would hold on for dear life—many times ending in them being thrown into the air by the bull. Many animals (and humans) suffered serious injuries and death during this “sport.” Bulldogs were bred to be bull baiting machines. Their stocky bodies were good for keeping them grounded against a bull’s best efforts to launch them into the air, while their loose skin worked almost like a shield to protect their vital organs. Their face wrinkles served as paths moving the blood down their faces and out of their eyes, and an undershot jaw pushed their bottom teeth up, giving them a better grip. Short snouts allowed them to breathe properly while holding onto a bull’s snout, and smaller back legs meant the dog could be shaken without sustaining any spinal injuries. The dog was bred for the purpose of bull-defeating features.


by Christie Zhao

  • Saolas are large mammals
  • They eat fig leaves and other plant materials (seeds, fruit and berries) and they can be found mostly in riverbanks.
  • Saolas have long horns it is about 20 inches long 
  • Saolas are similar to an antelope
  • Saolas are only found in the Annamite mountains of Vietnam and Laos
  • Saolas body colors are chestnut brown, and reddish-brown coat to keep them warm in the winter 
  • Saolas weight are 176 to 220 pounds in weight
  • Saola stands about 35 inches at the shoulder 
  • Saolas can reach 59 to 77 inches in length
  • Saolas was only discovered in 1992 and since then has only been photographed three times in the wild
  • They are known as the “Asian” Unicorns’. These are facts about Saolas
  • I hope you will like these facts